Possible Sequel/Remake? An update on the future of the game

So, this has been a rollercoaster,

This game has honestly outdone my expectations, and I thought I'd update everyone on wart's happened, whats in the works, and what's to come.

What am I doing at the moment?

After the release of the game I formed a studio that is called Sinister Interactive. We currently have a new exciting project that I cannot wait to show you. The game will be several times bigger in scope than this, and I'm hoping to share some news on it soon :)

If  you want to follow what we're doing and any future projects, join our discord, we're active and 


Remaster/Remake of sorts?

So with this studio and the recent burst of success the game has gotten, I was wondering what you guys would think of a remake of sorts. Expanding the scope, quality, gameplay polish and reworking the story. Essentially a 2.0 of the game. Dealing with the same feelings and emotions of existentialism that inspired the original. The game would be a much improved version of the current game. 

Thank you again for the support; this is my dream and by supporting me you're helping it come true,



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Nov 12, 2020

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